MMA NJ – Fight and Fitness MMA – About Us

Girl Punching3New Jersey finally has a dedicated gym to help the average person get in shape while having fun and learning the most comprehensive martial art system ever developed. Our academy can help the best fighters in the world, but classes are really designed for YOU… the everyday 9-5 worker, the stay at home mom, or your shy child who adores martial arts movies and needs to build confidence. Fight and Fitness MMA instructors love to teach and we take pride in each student’s growth. We will be on the mats training with you personally, every step of the way. Our family run martial arts academy is not a mega-club environment with myriads of distractions that take away from your workout. We prefer a more personal touch and the feel of a true dojo. Our trainers are here for you and only you! You won’t have to compete with intimidating fighters to get personal attention, and you won’t hear CrossFitters dropping weights; all programs are run separately. We are a dedicated martial arts academy for Everyone, the way martial arts was meant to be.

What are our fans saying about Fight and Fitness MMA?

Highest ranking black belt in the area!! Amazing instructor.” -Rafael Ellwanger, Gracie United 3rd Degree World Champion Black Belt

Best MMA NJ! …factory of marital arts knowledge!” -John Jacob Stevens, Veteran and long-time Student

You get a lot of personal attention from the instructors and it’s much more practical than karate. So fun it doesn’t feel like it’s a workout and you can always have a good laugh at the end of class ” -Tori Scorese, Karate Black Belt and New Student

Some of the best trainers in the country and I’ll vouch for that.” -Duke Roufus, World Champion Kickboxer and Top MMA Coach

Anyone who trains here will be lucky enough to be a student of Walt’s and a part of Equipe Jucao. With Walt’s training, I won both my most recent MMA and Muay Thai fights, and mowed through my last grappling tournament. I have evolved so much as a fighter and outside of the sport because of him and his fellow coaches. It really was such an honor.” -Mike Zamzam, New Orleans Police Officer and Student

Fight And Fitness MMA is for all those interested in MMA at any level. Friendly staff, and non-intimidating atmosphere to beginners, yet also able to help those interested in amateur and pro competition. There’s no other place like it in the area.” –Rob Mutz, Student

We don’t believe students should pay a premium price for premium training.

Whether you are a new student looking for the best deals, or an advanced student looking for the best training, Fight and Fitness MMA NJ has what you are looking for. Contact us now to try a free class!

Fight and Fitness MMA brings you the best in modern martial arts by giving you World Champions at your fingertips.

We’ve teamed up with UFC World Champion Anthony Pettis and #1 rated striking coach Duke Roufus along with the entire Roufusport team, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Professor Jucao.

You will learn the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from 5th Degree Black Belt Multiple Time World Champion and 40 year veteran, Professor Ailson “Jucão” Brites and his certified instructors. You will have access to train side by side with UFC Champion Anthony Pettis and the #1 rated coach in the country Duke Roufus, plus all of the coaches and facilities of the world famous Roufusport.

If you’re going to train, then you might as well train with the Best