BJJ White Belt Tips

A black belt is a white belt that never quit

BJJ Guard Position Tips

Guard Top Position

  • Never one arm in–one arm out. Both arms in or both out.
  • Master two techniques for passing the guard, and start using them the second you find yourself in the position. If you wait, you are asking to be swept or submitted.
  • DON’T put your hands on the ground – keep your hands on your opponent!
  • DON’T put your elbow across his centerline – keep each arm on its own side of your body!
  • Grip belt, lapels, or biceps for leverage and control.
  • Keep your weight low with knees spread and feet flat on the ground to avoid sweeps.
  • Keep your back straight and look up to avoid having your posture broken.

Guard Bottom Position

  • For shorter guys, perfect the open guard, half guard, and butterfly guard.
  • Play more from side instead of flat on back.
  • A good grip is one lapel high centerline behind neck and the other on the sleeve behind bicep/elbow or low on sleeve near wrist.
  • Don’t sit in the guard, waiting for your opponent to try to pass it. Look for sweeps or submissions straight away.
  • Try to break your opponent’s posture by pulling him forward.

BJJ Side Control Position Tips

Side Control Top Position

  • Make yourself heavy by staying on your toes.
  • Go for the cross-face to exert pressure and control.
  • Keep your hips glued to his hips in side control, or block hips with arm or knee.

Side Control Bottom Position

  • Do not allow the cross-face. Control of head means control of body.
  • Use your elbows to make room for escapes and to enable you to breathe.
  • Use bridging and shrimping to create space.

BJJ Mount Position Tips

Mount Top Position

  • Squeeze your knees together but don’t lock yourself to your opponent, and touch your toes together if possible.
  • Roll your hips forward like a cowboy riding a bull.
  • If you put your hands on the mat for base, keep them wide so your opponent can’t reach them easily.

Mount Bottom Position

  • Keep arms bent, elbows in to prevent arm bars and to allow for breathing room.
  • Avoid being flat.
  • Get in the correct defensive posture before your opponent can settle in. This actually applies to any time you are put in a poor position suddenly.
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