Why Kids Should Do Martial Arts

Why Kids Should Do Martial Arts

Children are some of the largest practitioners of martial arts. Whether they are learning for bully prevention or just for fun, youth martial arts is a powerful character builder that will last a lifetime.

Why kids should do martial arts?

There is virtually an endless list of reasons why martial arts are so great for children, but we are going to look at 27 different reasons as to why your child should practice martial arts.

1. Learn Discipline

Discipline is something that can be difficult to build in children, but martial arts have self discipline at the center of their lessons. Self-restraint isn’t a trait that children are typically known for, but with martial arts they can learn to have more restraint and stop focusing on instant gratification. It takes time to improve in a practice such as this and only hard work yields results, not simply showing up and waiting for class to be over.

2. Become Active

As children move into the digital age, they find themselves more and more attached to the couch, instead of remaining active. That is where martial arts can step in and help them become more active on a regular basis. This can be one of the most vital aspects of martial arts, since it will build a love of an active lifestyle that can last them the rest of their life. An active lifestyle will prevent them from having numerous health problems as they grow older, saving them from trying to pick up this kind of lifestyle when they are already experiencing the problems that typically arise from being sedentary. If there is only one benefit that you take away from this list, this should be it if you are interested in giving your child the best life possible.

3. Build Teamwork Abilities

If your child is going to go anywhere in life, they are going to have to be capable of working as a part of a team. Almost every job in the workplace now focuses on working better together and martial arts are a great way of teaching that and instilling the right kind of teamwork ability in your child right from the start. Everything from sparring in class to helping win competitions can help them learn to rely on each other for support, in addition to working towards a common goal that they have been aiming for. Teamwork is important, so this can be a vital learning experience for your child.

4. Learn Respect

Martial arts require respect be shown for the instructor. With so many children having no respect for authority these days, this is an important thing that they will have to learn one way or another. With the help of martial arts, it can be as painless as possible and help them develop the kind of respect that every parent wishes their children had. When the master in the room tells your child to do something, they will be expected to comply with a “Yes, sir” that they might not typically be using at home or school. A martial arts instructor doesn’t have the patience and doesn’t have to put up with disrespect, so you can bet your children will learn to follow the rules.

5. A Boost In Self Esteem

Problems with self-esteem can plague people for their entire lives, so what better time to take care of it than when they are children? Self-esteem and confidence come in part from achieving new things, which is the focus of martial arts at its core. The more your child masters the martial arts that they are interested in, the more belief in themselves they will have. Children who don’t have something like this to do typically find that they have low self-esteem and don’t have any achievements to be proud of.

6. Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

It always seems that too many children and teenagers are getting into fights on a regular basis and simply can’t find a way to solve problems without having to result to violence. It is the exact opposite once you look at professional fighters and the lack of violence that they have in their life when they aren’t competing or practicing. The vast majority of martial arts will focus on teaching the ability to remain peaceful at all costs, and only resort to violence if there is no other option available to them. The importance of solving things without violence is at the center of martial arts.

7. The Ability To Listen

If your child is going to improve in their chosen martial art, they will have to work hard and learn a lot of new things, something that will no doubt involve plenty of listening. It is important to pay attention to what the instructor is saying at all times in order to make sure they have the right lessons being learned and help them remain safe while they are doing it. Kids aren’t known for their ability to listen to adults on a regular basis, but martial arts can be the answer to this problem that you have likely been dealing with for a while now.

8. Self-Defense

While martial arts will be teaching your child that there are other ways of solving problems that don’t involve violence, sometimes it can’t be avoided. If this kind of situation arises, they will know precisely what to do and have all of the abilities to protect themselves. In addition, they will have the ability to resolve a violent situation as quickly as possible, often in a way that only subdues the person attacking them, rather than seriously injuring them and causing more problems in an already tough situation. Being able to defend yourself is something that many adults wish they could do, so it is even better if they learn how to handle this as a child.

9. Become In Touch With The Mind/Body Connection

No matter how much people seem to think that it isn’t true, your mind and your body are intimately connected. Even many people who get a lot of exercise on a regular basis don’t realize how much their body can tell their mind, and vice versa. In martial arts training, children are taught to listen, see, and feel with both their physical body and their mind. Being able to fight the mental issues that stop them from physically performing at their best, and the other way around, helps them succeed in other areas of their life as well.

10. Improved Memory

Studies have found that students who take part in martial arts have the ability to activate and coordinate different parts of their brain in a way that allows them to learn faster and recall things more easily than their classmates who don’t. In part this comes from having to memorize complex sequences of moves, but they also have to learn various phrases in other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Memory might not be a problem for them right now, but this kind of work can be very important as they get older and have problems with it.

11. Have Fun

There are plenty of ways for children to have fun in the current world, but that doesn’t mean that they are all created equal. Video games and tv shows can offer a lot of fun entertainment for kids, but martial arts offer a different kind, one that will offer something to their lives and enhance the quality of life that they experience. Other forms of entertainment will keep them busy, but they won’t actually improve the life that they are living. This will also teach them that difficult things can be fun, something that very few people learn without having to do it when they don’t have any other choice later in life.

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12. Learn To Set Goals

Goal setting isn’t an ability that many adults have. When it comes to understanding what you are trying to achieve and how you can go about doing that, plenty of people are left without anywhere to turn and end up setting goals that they either aren’t sure about or won’t ever reach. Martial arts come with defined goals that have a path to reaching. Knowing how to set and reach goals in this way will carry over to every other aspect of their life, whether it is in school, at work, or in any other sport that they attempt to learn.

13. Conquer ADD/ADHD

For children, ADD and ADHD can be some of the most problematic things that they will face. The inability to focus is something that will get in the way of their everyday life and make it hard to ever succeed in any part of their life. Fortunately, martial arts help teach the benefits of silence and stillness, in addition to keeping your kids active. For many instructors, an emphasis is placed on focusing on yourself and being able to calm your mind enough to take a look at your own abilities and what you are attempting to do at that very moment.

14. Improve Posture

The problem of posture is a thing that can have massive impacts on a person’s life. That is especially true when you start looking at the habits that children have that will last them for the rest of their lives. Martial arts focus on form at all times, which many people fail to do at any point in their life. When you are aware of the form that you are moving with, you have the ability to improve your posture and prevent future back problems that can cause great damage to the rest of the body. Learning that as a child is incredibly vital and one of the most beneficial things that children can learn.

15. Build Patience

Patience isn’t something that are known for having in the modern world. Things can take time in life, often without having an immediate reward or improvement that children come to expect from video games and TV. That is true especially in martial arts, where belts take time to earn and many moves can be frustrating for a child that doesn’t have the patience for it. Over time, however, they can learn to develop it and start to be more patient throughout their everyday life.

16. Learn To Take A Hit And Get Back Up

They say that you have to be able to get knocked down and get back up if you are ever going to succeed in life. No one has the pleasure of never failing, but everyone has the opportunity to get back up after something happens to them. In martial arts, that is literally what your children will be going through, although the metaphorical sense will also be involved. When kids get a trophy for everything, win or lose, they don’t learn to accept this, but by enrolling them in martial arts you’ll make sure that they have every chance to.

17. Learn To Socialize

Martial arts can be one of the greatest bonding experiences that young people have. In addition to helping them learn to work as a team, this is a chance for your children to make new friends and learn to communicate with other people their own age. They might have plenty of contact with kids at school, but they don’t have the same things in common as the people that they will be practicing martial arts with. When you are sparring with other people, you build a kind of trust that is hard to do when you simply play video games with them. The more they learn to trust and rely on other people, the stronger the bonds of friendship can be.

18. Proper Breathing

Along with proper posture when performing in martial arts, breathing is a major focus. It turns out, when it comes to the health of your body, breathing is near the top of the list in terms of importance. Your breath is the life force that gives us the ability to move and remain living, so wouldn’t you want your child to learn how to control it? Martial arts will help your child learn how to use their breath to succeed in many other ventures that might not seem like they need this kind of controlled breathing.

19. Learn To Mentor

Even as children, martial arts offer a chance to mentor younger students and help them learn the same things that they have already been through. The ability to learn is important, but the ability to help others learn can be even more beneficial as your kids age. Martial arts focuses on teamwork, and that includes helping the rest of the team stay on top. If you have ever struggled to find the best way to help someone else, this is a chance to make sure that your children don’t have to deal with the same thing.

20. Improve Coordination

Some children are born with great hand eye coordination and unfortunately many parents think that their child just won’t have it in them. That doesn’t have to be the case, though, and martial arts can help improve that coordination greatly and turn your clumsy child into one that has the kind of coordination that you might have never thought they would have. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can have huge implications in their life if they don’t learn this kind of skill early on.

21. Improved Mood

Many of the lessons that we learn as children have effects that last the rest of our life, including the kind of mental health that we experience as a kid. That is why martial arts are so important for people who have had problems with depression in the past and now have children. Martial arts and the kind of stillness, endorphin release that they provide will work as a natural anti depressant that helps set up mental patterns that will protect them against mental health problems as an adult.

22. Learn How To Learn

One thing that many people overlook is that it is possible to learn how to learn. There are some children who have this and some who don’t but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn it. When your children learn martial arts, they are going to be learning something that they can spend years improving on, but they will also be learning how to take on other tasks that they might decide to pick up in the future. Mastering one thing makes it possible to master others with ease.

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23. Improved Balance

Having a balance throughout different aspects of their life is important for kids as well as adults. Martial arts teach that very well and helps them learn that there is a balance between work and play, mind and body that will always be important to their life. Children might think that play is the only thing that exists, but that will cause them to suffer when it comes to doing work in school. Martial arts have a very important role in their life, but part of the lesson is that they will also have to balance it with the rest of their life.

24. An Early Exposure To Proper Diet

Sweets and junk food are always tempting to children, especially when they are allowed to eat it as much as they like. That is why it is important for them to recognize the effect that these kinds of diet choices have on their body. When you participate in martial arts, you will notice what the foods that you eat do to your body. The more junk food a person eats, the more they will suffer in the dojo. If a child recognizes this early on in life, they will have the ability to control it as they age. Many adults never learn this lesson, so it is vital to teach it as young as possible.

25. Learn To Care For Belongings

Students of martial arts are responsible for taking care of their things and making sure that they are always in excellent shape. The uniform they wear must be clean and well taken care of, their belt must be tied properly and with great form, and the dojo must be treated with respect. Without knowing how to care for their martial arts dojo and equipment, they won’t be able to learn the kind of respect for possessions that is necessary in order to have nice things as they grow up. Many children have a complete disregard for their toys, but not children who participate in martial arts.

26. Actions Have Consequences

For some people, it is hard to accept that they have to take responsibility for their actions. Both inside and outside of the dojo, children enrolled in martial arts work to understand that “with great power comes great responsibility.” While the kids will be learning how to defend themselves, they have to also realize that this is something they have to control. The things that they do have direct consequences, so they will learn that they shouldn’t do things if they aren’t willing to deal with the consequences of them. The sooner children learn that, the more they will benefit from it throughout their lives.

27. Lifelong Lessons

The kinds of lessons that your child will receive in martial arts training will last them for the rest of their life. Everything else that you find on this list will benefit them for years to come, rather than being things that only apply to the specific form that you, or they, have chosen. The skills that are learned in a Karate class aren’t only going to apply to sequences of moves that are used to earn new belts. Everything carries over in a way that few activities can. If all of these other benefits sound good, it should help even more when you realize that they are going to be long lasting.

At the end of the day, there is an almost endless list of things that your child stands to gain from practicing martial arts. This list is only the beginning and there is no reason that you shouldn’t think about enrolling your child today.

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