MMA Strength and Conditioning

MMA Strength and Conditioning

Our MMA Strength and Conditioning program will bring your body and fitness to levels you’ve only dreamed of. This dynamic workout combines all aspects of physical training and delivers RESULTS! We encourage all students to push their hardest for maximum results, but regardless of your fitness level, you will move at your own pace and see progress with each new workout.

Strength and Conditioning are skills, just like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai. The more you practice, the better you’ll become. A higher level of practice quality will always produce better results.

So how strong should you be?

You should be strong enough to dominate on the mat, in the ring, or in everyday life, and be able to perform at a consistent level for whatever goals you are trying to achieve. Your martial arts skills will increase naturally with dedicated training and consistency, but our MMA Strength and Conditioning sessions will boost your confidence because you will also be stronger and faster than your opponent.

When skill levels are near equal, winners are often determined by who is stronger and better conditioned. Don’t let lack of strength be the reason you lose!

How can We help?

  • First we will teach you to use the strength you already have. It’s never about the equipment.
  • We will target movements, not muscles, through our simple and safe, yet effective programs proven to increase strength and mobility.
  • You will gain power and speed allowing you execute techniques at a high percentage of your maximum capacity.
  • Your will develop powerful grips, reduce muscle fatigue, apply more jiu-jitsu pressure, and be able to kick and punch even harder, all with improved body control.
  • You will reduce muscle imbalances due to stress and daily activities, allowing you to move more fluidly.
  • The chance of injury in your other activities, sports, and everyday life will be decreased as a result of our training methods.

MMA Strength and Conditioning is a powerful tool for a better and healthier body, no matter what your goals are. This program is great for anyone looking to get in better shape, or the world-class athlete who needs to prepare for an event. Our certified instructors will discuss your individual needs and work with you in a semi-private group to help you achieve your goals.

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