Muay Thai Kickboxing

Get ready for the best and most fun workout of your life! Our Muay Thai Kickboxing Programs will take the very beginner students and have them ready to better defend themselves within minutes. We will sharpen the skills of the most advanced students. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our certified instructors have put together an extraordinary Muay Thai Kickboxing curriculum to help you achieve excellence. Muay Thai Kickboxing is the striking art of 8 limbs, so that means you will learn to defend yourself with Punches, Kicks, Knees, and Elbows. Did we mention you will get in great shape!??


Muay Thai Kickboxing Level I (Pad Work & Muay Thai Heavy Bags): this class is an introduction to the art and an enjoyable training session that will get your heart rate pumping. You’ll be working hard, but you’ll be having fun and building confidence. You will learn proper technique on various pads through repetition and have a great workout.
Contact: Safe minimal contact.

Muay Thai Kickboxing Level II (Pad Work & Partner Drills): you will warm up with pads and then drill moves with a partner. You’ll use everything from fundamentals and learn to apply it practically on a real person without the danger of actually fighting. You will gain new skills by reacting to certain situations and chaining together effective attacks and defenses. This class is open to everyone and highly encouraged even for beginner students. We will pair beginners with beginners, and the more advanced students will take it a few steps further. Everyone will learn appropriate skills for their level.
Contact: Safe minimal to controlled contact.
*Proper Gear is Recommended but not necessary.

Muay Thai Kickboxing Level III (Partner Drills and Sparring): is an exciting class where you will exchange techniques during partner drills and live situations. You will get a feel for what works in real life by applying your moves on a resisting opponent. You will learn advanced combinations, setups, counters, and strategies. This class is open to only advanced students and you will need instructor permission to join this class.
Contact: Moderately controlled to full contact.
*Proper Gear is Required.